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If you want your home to be choice and you are thinking about choosing remax or if you are seeking to buy a choice home for sale; before doing either, it is good to read previous customer reviews.

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Online since 1999, remax-choice-homes.com is now an independant publishing website. Read remax reviews written by authors of the website and from previous customer submissions.

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Featured Listing

slightly burned homes for sale

Today featured listing is a slightly burned home for sale. Enjoy the smell of somebody else that lost memories. Enjoy digging through the rubble and you might find an old aunties ruby. The sky is the limit! Especially since the roof is burned off. You got a clear shot at the sky! Sold AS-IS.

Remax Choice Homes For Sale With Radon

Cheap Remax Homes For Sale With Radon Gas Included!

New Listing - Brand new to market. This latest remax choice home for sale features an exclusive quick sale that includes an endless supply of natural radon gas that comes in directly from the crawl-space and foundation.

What an amazing opportunity to get in under the ground on this deal. All you need to live comfortably is a gas mask. Everything else with the home is in excellent condition.

Open House begins 4/1/2022. Address is 69 420th High Street Smokeyville CA. 90210. Asking price has been reduced. Current list price is: $420,004.20 USD. BUY NOW